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What is Regulation


Being regulated means that chiropractors in Alberta must obey all legislative requirements set by the government for all health care providers. Other health care providers that are regulated include nurses, dentists, medical doctors and optometrists. 

In Alberta, the Health Professions Act ensures all regulated health care providers:

  • are educated and trained properly

  • practice within a defined scope of practice

  • adhere to strict standards of practice

  • hold liability protection/coverage

  • meet competency standards

  • are accountable to a regulatory organization


The College of Chiropractors of Alberta (CCOA) and the Chiropractic Association of Alberta (CAA) are entrusted with enforcing the requirements set by government for all chiropractors. To be a chiropractor in Alberta, you must be a member, in good standing, with the CCOA and CAA.

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