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To whom it may concern,

I would like to thank and recommend Dr. Candice Hueppelsheuser and her staff at the Blackfalds Chiropractic Centre for the care and treatment I received!

On Jan. 15/18 I fell out of my rock truck and landed on the concrete floor approximately 4.5’ down on my back and shoulder. I impacted my butt, lower back, left shoulder, neck and head. I was taken to the Red Deer Hospital by ambulance to emergency. After a wait, I was X-Rayed and there were no broken bones. The injury was massive trauma caused by the impact. The hematoma on my left shoulder was the size of a grape fruit and the shoulder was extremely painful, with no mobility. My back was so painful I could not move. My neck suffered a whip lash type injury. After being at home on high powered painkillers for approximately 10 days, I was able to get enough mobility to get to see Dr. Candice H. She assessed me and began a treatment program combining Chiropractic and Laser Therapy. After a short period, I am now mobile, pain free and my bruising and shoulder lump is gone!! I am returning back to work tomorrow, Feb 8/18.

This amazing treatment removed approximately 3-4 weeks of sitting at home!! If it wasn’t for the care and expertise of Dr. Candice and staff I would not have had a speedy recovery.

Thank you

Alan S.

–        To get healthy

–        Overall attitude around the office.  Good group of kids at Blackfalds Chiropractic Centre.

–        Dr C is always willing to help and accommodate when she is needed. 

   Neil D.

In 5 treatments with Dr. Candice, I feel better than I have with 20 years of doctoring. I’m not sure how but my whole demeanor has changed positively / for the better. I feel 10 years younger.

Thank you!

David W.

I can highly recommend Dr. Candice, she's been instrumental in helping both proactively and reactively with my back issues.

Dr. Candice has also helped to teach me better posture and general balance in how I treat my body and what happens when I don't look after it. Very informative and a breath of fresh air.

Matt D.

I strongly recommend Blackfalds Chiropractic Centre 100%. I have been seeing Dr. Candice for years and she is amazing and always has my best interest in mind. Give them a try you won’t regret it.

Frank S.

The care, customer service is top notch. They do a great job whether chiropractor, massage, or laser you always get me back to where My body needs to be.


Thank you

Lisa D.

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